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Web Application Developer, and Project Manager in a wide variety of web development applications
Web Application Developer, and Project Manager in a wide variety of web development applications. Particularly interested in PHP, MySQL, Open-Source, web application and relational web design. Always interested in migration projects, as well as close interaction with the PHP/MYSQL, Open-Source, E-Commerce & PHP manufacturers.Project Manager at Triumph Business Solutions (P) Ltd.
Email To: k.rajarethinam@tbsin.com, raja-rk@hotmail.com
Triumph Business Solutions (P) Ltd.,
No.37, 5th Cross street,
Jawahar Nagar,
Puducherry – 605005
Website : www.tbsin.com
EMail : k.rajarethinam@tbsin.com
Phone : 91-413-2206775
MSN : raja-rk@hotmail.com
SKYPE : raja-rk
G-TALK : rajareth

Triumph Business Solutions Private limited is a rapidly-growing IT & ITES business solutions provider incorporated in the India with a state-of-art facility in Pondicherry. TBS is a net worth of valued human entities focused to synergize individual values through the genuine process systematic tapping of available global resources.

Though except “change” nothing seems to be permanent, TBS have tried to extend a “constant” delivery system consistently living up to our clients’ expectations and earned their confidence in a very short.

At TBS, we do not boast of a group of professionals with excessive thoughts and ideas but it is just a union of like minds kindled to redefine the process that entertains the user and the client to see things happen in the way it has to be without a micron of deviation. TBS is now a prodigy in the BPO space and soon will that be history when we will leap ahead and occupy more to become the lion.

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