Health Care

Triumph Business Solutions - Healthcare Information Processing Services | Custom Software Development | Website Design & Development Services Medical Transcription Services | Offshore Medical Service Outsourcing | Medical Billing & Coding Services

We can never expect a day where we can live in this world without ailments or illnesses. Though it is felt like “nothing exists forever, the paradox is “until the world exists, diseases too exists!..”

Similarly, health and health-related awareness, insights, and updates play a major role both in personal as well as business world thus forming the basis for the medical industry. A well-structured and well-organized health care industry demands a full-fledged and well-ramified root system to support and aid its smooth functioning. Medical Services Outsourcing is such an offshoot of this ever growing BPO industry where various processes are involved during documentation of patient information. Confidential patient information would be at bay unless we have trust-worthy partners. We as TBS have committed ourselves to earn the confidence of our associates with whom we engage in business relationship. We have equipped ourselves with all the statutory and mandatory requirements like HIPAA compliance and data security. We are supported by a team of spirited and committed staff who are well-trained professionals experts to provide client-expected satisfactory quality services.

Range of services include:-

  • Medical Transcription.
  • Medical coding.
  • Medical Billing.
  • Legal Transcription.
  • General Transcription.
  • Insurance Claim Processing.
  • Medical Tourism.

Allowing us to cater your needs would first give you peace of mind and in turn will enable yourself to focus and concentrate on your core area of businesses in the most economical manner.

OFFICE: Triumph Business Solutions (P) Ltd.,
No.37, 5th Cross street,
Jawahar Nagar,
Puducherry – 605005
Website :
EMail :
Phone : 91-413-2206775
SKYPE : triumph.bspl
G-TALK : triumph.bspl
YAHOO : triumph.bspl

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